our philosophy is

integrating knowledge

We aim to raise awareness in the field of renewable energy and technology at corporate companies with the knowledge and experience we have gained from our domestic and international works for more than 20 years.

Renewable Energy and Applications Prof. Dr. Ali Ata
Doç. Dr. Ali Murat Soydan
Renewable Energy and Applications

World energy still depends on finite, consumable fossil based energy sources. This way is not sustainable.…

Battery Technologies and upcoming battery technologies Doç. Dr. Rezzan Demir Çakan Battery Technologies and upcoming battery technologies

Electricity is difficult to store. The overall efficiency is still not sufficient. There are various…

New Generation Charging Systems Prof. Dr. Abdülkadir Balıkçı New Generation Charging Systems

Transmission of electricity through wires, complicating and disturbing our life and engineering systems.…

Communication Principles and 5G Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Aslan
Prof. Dr. Hasari Çelebi
Communication Principles and 5G

We specializes on development and design of full-fledged communication systems for telecom and defence…

Biogenetics and Effects to our Daily life Prof. Dr. Şaban Tekin
Dr. Abdullah Karadağ
Biogenetics and Effects to our Daily life

Biogenetics is the combined study of biology and genetics.  Biogenetics deals with genetics of…

Sustainable Cities Prof. Dr. Michaela Kendall
Mr. Tolga Erkmen
Sustainable Cities

Energy, food and sheltering is three basic needs of humanbeing. Sustainable life of human should provide…

Fuel Cell Technologies & Applications Prof. Dr. Kevin Kendall
Doç. Dr. Aylin Aytaç
Fuel Cell Technologies & Applications

Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies are versatile way of electricity deposition and electrochemical…



As Inogen, we not only build the world's largest solar power plant, but also strive to keep the world as a livable place with our partners.

We are confident that the awareness we will create with our academic instructors, each of whom is one of the leading names in the sector, will contribute to the bright future of our country, such as renewable energy, its applications, energy efficiency, energy transfer, new generation wireless communication systems and biological systems that will contribute to the sustainable life of the future.

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